Barotex Fiber Applications

Barotex® fiber fabrics fill a wide range of industrial applications. High strength, dimensional stability, design flexibility and excellent electrical properties are some of the characteristics that ensure optimum performance and economy with this highly engineered material.

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Barotex Construction Applications

From pipe wrap to wallboard seam tape, Barotex® fiber fabrics can be used throughout the construction industry. Barotex® fiber scrim can be used to reinforce paper and film for insulation facing and to provide dimensional stability to asphalt…

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Barotex Electrical Applications

Barotex® fiber fabrics are outstanding performers in the electrical industry. High strength, dimensional stability, temperature resistance and excellent electrical properties provide the basis for their use as the prime reinforcement in high pressure laminates for printed circuits…

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Barotex Reinforced Plastics

Barotex® Fiber fabrics used as reinforcement for plastics have replaced traditional materials such as wood, steel, and aluminum in a vast array of products. The inherent strength, light weight, dimensional stability…

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Barotex Filtration Applications

Barotex® fiber fabrics are perfect to use extensively in cement, carbon black, steel foundry, power generating and other industries where filtration of hot, corrosive gases and dust particles is necessary to reduce air pollution and reclaim costly products.

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Barotex Laminated & Coated Fabrics

High strength, dimensional stability, fire resistance and low cost are some of the advantages of using Barotex® fiber fabrics to reinforce foils, plastic film and coatings. Protective covers, vapor barriers, window shades, movie screens, packaging tapes, awnings, protective clothing…

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Barotex Thermal Insulation

Strength retention at high temperatures, corrosion, fire resistance and ease of handling makes Barotex® fiber fabrics an important material for thermal insulation.

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Welcome to Barotex Technology Corporation

Welcome to Barotex Technology Corporation, provider of Barotex® fibers, a patented new construction and manufacturing material that is superior to conventional construction and manufacturing materials such as fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fiber, steel, and aluminum in a wide range of applications.

In comparison to conventional construction and manufacturing materials, Barotex can often provide reduced cost of production, greater strength, reduced weight, greater vibration resistance, greater thermal conductivity resistance, greater price stability, and reduced negative environmental impact.

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